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AJA's Blast Curtain Walls are part of our family of blast facades and protective cladding that includes our blast cladding and cable catcher system offered under our range of available blast mitigation solutions for your organization.

About Blast Curtain Walls

Blast curtain walls help provide a blast resistant protective facade around your building facade, protecting it from blasts attacks or accidental explosions. AJA's patented Energy Absorbing Mullion System (EAM) Blast Curtain Walls employ the latest blast mitigation technologies for absorbing and dissipating blast pressure in order to minimize blast damage to your structure and assets. The film treated glass between laminated glass panels helps minimize injuries to your building's occupants by stopping projectile debris. In addition, our blast curtain walls with its proprietary fabrication technique gives it more structural integrity, resulting in better blast protection for your people and asset. By helping protect your building's structural integrity and building facade in the event of an explosion, our blast curtain walls provide a safe and secure environment for your people and assets.


Our Blast Curtain Walls have undergone rigorous testing and certification, passing stringent international Blast Mitigation Test Protocols such as GSATS01-2003, ASTM F1642, and ISO 16933:2007. They can withstand a blast load pressure of 17.8psi and impulse of 404psi-ms. These blast mitigation systems are also crafted with elegant aesthetic and designed with high functionality in mind and can be customized to meet your specific organization needs and environment while providing maximum blast protection.

AJA Blast Curtain Wall Installation
AJA Blast Curtain Wall Installation
AJA Blast Curtain Wall Workshop and Component
AJA Blast Curtain Wall Installation
AJA Blast Curtain Wall Component

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