Rigid Systems

Enerzorb is Asia’s first brand of protective technologies and systems that are the product platforms used to develop blast mitigation installations for building facades.

Blast Hardening of Facades

A bomb blast creates a pressure pulse that is intense but transient. Generally, the high inertia of buildings (ie. the high threshold of energy required before a building begins to move in response to a blast) is the main resistance to a pressure pulse.

To harden facades, energy transfer and dissipating principles are applied. Window and steel frame systems must have the resilience to transmit blast force. Cladding systems need to be robustly connected to the floor and the floor slabs. This enables direct transmission of blast energy from façade to the frame, hence using building inertia as a counter force.

However, rigid systems tend to compromise sleek and elegant façade designs with their robust anchoring and connections.

Illustration A: The Rigid Principle

The Dynamic Response

This principle uses the resultant movement of blast-laminated window glass used in the building facade to help dissipate the blast energy while the lamination prevents glass shards from flying through the air and causing injuries.

Illustration B: The Dynamic Response

Photo from high speed camera, showing
the controlled movement of the blast
window during blast test

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