AJA Enterprises is Asia's pioneer blast mitigation specialist and a specialist subcontractor with a fast expanding presence in the region.

We help protect and safeguard critical infrastructure and urban spaces with a proven track record of more than 500,000 sq ft of blast mitigated installations on iconic government and institutional buildings, national heritage centre, and corporate HQs of the top 100 global MNCs.

Every Security and Explosion Protection installation we create is rigorously tested and certified to guarantee the highest level of physical security and protection to your people and property.

We have a staff strength of over 20 professional and experienced engineers, project managers, designers, technologists and senior management.

AJA partners with world-renowned companies like Madico, ABS and Surelock.


Deliver unparalleled physical security and protection in urban living spaces, and creating extraordinary value for all stakeholders with sustainable profitability


To be a leading and trusted world-class provider of safe and secure environments for all


S O A R : Sustainable, Ownership, Aptitude, Reliable

New Envelope Solutions for Risks

We live in a world of heightened terrorist threats. Important and prominent buildings are constant key targets for vicious bomb attacks. Yet, building designs continue to employ huge glass facades and large window panels, which can aggravate potential blast damage to occupants.

Effective blast mitigation prevents injury and structural damage while providing physical security to the occupants of a building. This is achieved by preventing glass fragmentation - the biggest cause of blast injuries - which eliminates the risk of windows becoming projectiles.

Our portfolio and vast array of products, including cladding, doors, windows, curtain walls and roller shutter are designed to meet your different specific needs while delivering utmost protection to your assets. We take pride in seamlessly blending protective architecture without comprimising the architecture aesthetics of your space.

We are constantly stretching boundaries to deliver new envelopes of performance and creativity for our clients while helping create safe environments in our living spaces.

Blast mitigation is AJA's passion and mission and it is our driving goal to create a secure environment you and your people can feel safe in.

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