AJA's blast mitigation solutions and blast protection installation have been used to protect and secure critical infrastructure, government buildings, MNC companies and heritage centers and other urban spaces in the region. We have created customized protective solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients and partners.

2020 Harmony (Thailand)
2019 Gurkha Camp
2019 Gali Batu Bus Depot
2018 Jurong East Bus Interchange
2018 Substation At Jurong Island
2017 Nee Soon Army Camp
2017 Supreme Court
2017 Prison HQ
2016 Zenith Data Centre
2016 BREM (Exxon Mobil)
2014 Singapore Embassy (Malaysia)
2013 National Art Gallery Singapoe
2013 Interpol Global Complex At Napier Road
2013 Changi Prison Complex - Prison HQ
2012 Key government building and heritage conservation icon
2011 US Navy Building, Singapore
2010 Citibank Towers @ CBP & Branches
2009 Deutsche Bank (Phillippines)
2008 People Association HQ
2008 Merrill Lynch Habour Front
2007 Key government administrative building
2007 OCBC in Kuala Lumpur
2007 Oasis, Jurong Island
2007 HSBC Electronic Data Center (Malaysia, KL)
2007 Silk Air (S) Pte Ltd
2006 Supreme Court Building
2006 Oriental Hotel
2006 Thomson Reuters Building
2005 NEL MRT (16 Stations)
2004 AIA Tower, Tg Pagar & Finlayan Green
2003 Bugis Junction @ Victoria Street
2003 Police Cantonment Complex


Singapore Supreme Court From Unsplash by Shawnn Tan

Supreme Court Building

Blast & Forced Entry Door, Blast/Ballistic Shield

Police Cantonment Complex Photo From Flickr by Choo Yut Shing

Police Cantonment Complex

Security Film

National Gallery Singapore Photo by Klook

National Gallery Singapore

Blast Door, Blast Windows

People's Association Headquarters Photo by Architects61

People's Association HQ

Security Film

Interpol Global Complex Singapore Photo by Interpol

Interpol Global Complex

Blast Curtain Wall, Blast Windows

Jurong East Bus Interchange Photo by Straits Times

Jurong East Bus Interchange

Blast Door

NEL Station Photo by LTA

North East Line Stations

Security Film, Safety Film

Singapore Prison Service Headquarters by CNA

Singapore Prison Service HQ

Blast Curtain Wall, Blast Windows

Gurkha Camp Photo by mustsharenews

Gurkha Camp

Blast Windows

Gali Batu Bus Depot Photo by LTA

Gali Batu Bus Depot

Crash Bollard

Jurong Island Substation Photo by Uni-Flex Technology

Substation at Jurong Island

Cable Catcher

Global Organisations

Singapore Malaysia Embassy Photo by MFA

Singapore Embassy, Malaysia

Security Film

OCBC Bank Building Kuala Lumpur Photo by Small Caps

OCBC Bank Building, Kuala Lumpur

Security Film

Deutsche Bank Building Philippines Photo by Philippine Star

Deutsche Bank Building, Philippines

Security Film System

HSBC Data Processing Center Kuala Lumpur Photo by Foursquare

HSBC Data Processing Center, Kuala Lumpur

Security Film

Harmony Project Thailand by AJA

Harmony, Thailand

Blast Door


Citibank Towers Photo by Mainly Miles

Citibank Towers

Security Film

Maybank Tower Photo by

Maybank Tower

Security Film

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Singapore Photo by Prestigia

Oriental Hotel Singapore

Security Film, Solar Film

Zenith Data Center Photo by AJA

Zenith Data Center

Blast Cladding, Blast Curtain Wall, Bulletproof Wall, Bulletproof Windows, Blast Louvers

AIA Tower Singapore Photo by Wikipedia

AIA Tower

Security Film

Thomson Reuters Office Building Photo by Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters Office

Security Film

BREM Exxon Mobil Photo by AJA

BREM (Exxon Mobil)

Blast Door, Blast Windows

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