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AJA's Wetglaze Anchoring System is part of our family of security windows which includes our bulletproof windows and blast windows and our family of blast facades and protective cladding that includes our blast curtain wall, cable catcher system, mech tech system and security film system. This family of products is available under our range of blast mitigation solutions for your organization.

About Wetglaze Anchoring System

Similar to the security film system, AJA's Wetglaze Anchoring System is designed to minimize the risk of injury to people that results from shattered glass becoming dangerous projectiles in the event of an explosion in addition to minimizing blast damage to your structure. Glass fragmentation is the largest cause of blast injury and blast windows help greatly reduce or even eliminate this risk by being both shatter-proof and blast resistant. Our Wetglaze Anchoring system is built with our very own patented ENERZORB technology which incorporates the latest and most modern blast protection technology available.

About Wetglaze Anchoring System

Our Wetglaze Anchoring System easily transforms any window into a safe and secure blast window. This process involves applying a high performance security glazing or film onto existing window surfaces and leaving a small gap between the security film and the frame to allow for heat expansion. Our high-security films are supplied by Madico, a world leader in the manufacture of safety and security window films. In addition to blast protection, our system also provides UV light protection and reduce heating and cooling cost while creating a safe and secure environment. This system is applicable to both retrofitting existing windows as well as application for new windows.


All of our Wetglaze Anchoring Systems are subjected to rigorous testing and certification. These products are in compliance with stringent international Blast Mitigation Test Protocols such as GSATS01-2003, ASTM F1642, and ISO 16933:2007. Designed to be both aesthetically elegant and functionally intuitive, these systems are highly customizable to meet the unique needs of your organization based on the existing infrastructure in place and the requirements of the occupants.

AJA Wet Glazed Anchoring System Installation
AJA Wet Glazed Anchoring System Installation
AJA Wet Glazed Anchoring System

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