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AJA's Bulletproof windows are part of our family of ballistic resistant products which includes our bulletproof doors and our family of blast facades that includes our blast curtain wall and cable catcher system. This family of products is available under our range of blast mitigation solutions for your organization.

About Bulletproof Windows

Bulletproof windows or ballistic windows or bullet resistant windows are designed to provide bulletproof and ballistic protection against highly specialized weapons and heavy gunfire. Bulletproof windows are often used in gatehouses, reception areas, or high profile offices and facility buildings and can be a large part of a building's facade. AJA bullet resistant windows can be fabricated using similar materials as non-ballistic resistance windows; this gives a uniform look to all the windows in the facade. Our bulletproof windows and other ballistic resistant products are crafted with our very own ENERZORB Ballistic Systems which ensures that they meet the security requirements for ballistic resistant fenestration (facade panels, windows) at high security buildings and provide the highest level of ballistic protection against firing of weapons and ammunitions.


Our bulletproof windows have undergone rigorous testing and certifiation, meeting various stringent international Bullet Resistant Test Standards like AS/NZ 2343, ASTM F1233, UL752. Our bulletproof windows can be customized to meet your aesthetic and security requirements or any other specific organizational needs and environment without compromising on the building facade.

Building Glass Facade From Unsplash by Michael (@polygonglider)
Sample Bullet Proof Window From My Home Decoration Ideas
Sample Car Bullet Proof Window

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